• Nyasha Chinembiri

Water Drilling Training

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Founder/ President of Healing Friends Foundation at Water Drilling Training.

Scholasticah Chidemo Founder and President of Healing Friends Foundation at a water drill training in Taxes, USA. I asked her why did you attend the training.

Zimbabwe water crisis and the cholera outbreak are due to poor dilapidated sanitation and water infrastructure .

Zimbabweans are dying from something that can be prevented with a little knowledge. This was the reason Scholasticah decided to go to the water drilling training in Taxes, USA. She used her own personal fund for the training.

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Many people in Zimbabwe that are well of are able to pay a private company to come and drill clean water on their propet. But most are not able to afford these type of services.

Reports are say least 45 and counting people have dead from this outbreak.

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